How To Modified Stem Of A Plant Free

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How To Modified Stem Of A Plant Free. In the photo for example the plants modified it stems to have thorns. They contain chlorophyll and carry out photosynthesis.

How To Modified Stem Of A Plant Free
Summer Assignment 2010 Modified root of a plant from

The thorns protect the plant from animals who try to eat it while grazing. These leaves are known as the bulb. Modified stem of a plant.

In The Photo For Example The Plants Modified It Stems To Have Thorns.

Tendrils develop as modifications of the stem in certain plants. Also, it is often the means by which a plant can spread and produce new plants. Besides these, stems can also be modified for vegetative propagation.

To Be Classed Amongst This Group A Modified Stem Must Exhibit All The Characteristics Of A Stem.

Modified stems are plant stems that carry out special functions needed for plant survival in certain environments. Are modified stems that protect plants from grazing animals. Plants will sometimes modify their stems to benefit them in someway, creating a modified stem of a plant.

These Leaves Are Known As The Bulb.

In some plants, the stem is modified to perform other functions such as storage of food, support, vegetative propagation, and protection. Stem or its branches get modified into green thread like leafless structures called tendrils which are meant for climbing. We have provided some frequently asked questions about plant stem here:

(1) Underground Modifications For Perennation, Vegetative Propagation And Storage (2) Sub Aerial Modifications For Vegetative Propagation And Perennation And (3) Aerial Modifications.

Modified stems located above the ground are crowns, stolons, or spurs. That part of a plant at the surface of the ground from which new shoots are produced. This is a photograph of modified stem of a rose plant.

They Keep The Plant Alive During Unfavorable Condition And With The Initiation Of Favorable.

Vine) or the entire inflorescence (e.g. Share to twitter share to facebook share to pinterest. Typical stems are situated above the ground.


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