How to Prepare Tasty Asam Laksa Penang

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Asam Laksa Penang. 'Asam laksa' is a noodle dish from Penang, a state in Malaysia. The fish broth is sour, tangy, and mildly spicy. This authentic secret recipe is easy to make anywhere.

In Penang, I always visit Kimberly Road to have asam laksa (It used to be a Joo Hooi Cafe. The asam laksa vendor moved to a new cafe on the same road). In KL, I get my asam laksa fix at Jusco's foodcourt or Ancle Peoh at Klang. You can have Asam Laksa Penang using 22 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Asam Laksa Penang

  1. Prepare of Bahan kaldu:.
  2. You need 1000 ml of liter air.
  3. It’s 1 ekor of makerel (Sardines kaleng).
  4. It’s of Bumbu halus:.
  5. Prepare 3-4 buah of bamer.
  6. You need 1 siung of baput.
  7. It’s 3-4 of Cabe rawit.
  8. You need 1 sdt of terasi.
  9. It’s secukupnya of Gula+garam.
  10. Prepare 1 buah of cabe merah besar.
  11. You need 1 ruas of galangal.
  12. It’s 2 sdm of asam jawa(larutkan dgn air panas).
  13. You need secukupnya of Vegetable oil.
  14. Prepare of Bumbu pelengkap:.
  15. You need 2 batang of sereh.
  16. Prepare of Daun cilantro.
  17. You need of Timun kecil.
  18. You need of Daun mint.
  19. Prepare of Nanas.
  20. You need of Jeruk limo/ nipis.
  21. It’s 1 sdm of petis udang.
  22. Prepare of Rice noodles.

I've always wanted to learn to make authentic Penang-style asam laksa properly and did on my last trip to Penang. Penang Assam Laksa is one of the most popular and common hawker fare in the state. By Penang definition, laksa is a dish of round rice noodles in a spicy fish-based broth. It is very different from laksa in other states of Malaysia.

Asam Laksa Penang instructions

  1. Setelah di cuci ikannya, kukus 15 menit.
  2. SuiR suir kasar ikannya setengah saja. Sisihkan.
  3. Rebus air masukkan ikan makerel yg setengah utuh untuk kaldu ikan, masak api kecil, angkat ikannya sisihkan, suit lagi..
  4. Bumbu halus di blender sampai halus.
  5. Tumis sampai harum.
  6. Masukkan di air rebus, masukkan batang sereh.
  7. Koreksi rasa asamnya harus agak kuat, masak sampai boiling 10 menitan.
  8. Rebus rice noodle nya, tata di mangkuk siram dg kuah rebusan di saring, masukkan bumbu pelengkap, sajikan panas. Jangan Lupa sambal petisnya…yummm.

Asam Laksa, an iconic dish of the island which Penangites take pride of. It has even made it to the list of CNN's World's Best Food multiple times. Learn how to make this iconic Penang dish at home with Grandma Alice's Kitchen! Laksa is typically a fish broth (usually mackerel) with a lot of spices to add acidity in the soup, but often you might also find another type of laksa that uses coconut milk plus chicken or shrimp soup. Today, I am going to introduce you the laksa that I usually eat during my pleasure weekend, the Penang-styled Asam Laksa.

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